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SHRT.BE is a URL shortening service that is the first in the world to utilize the bower of JavaScript to create short links from the simple click of a toolbar shortcut. Have a long URL? Just paste it in the box above and click "Shorten", or drag one of our two custom quick shorten bookmarks to your favorites bar for easy access in the future. No matter the URL or the content within it, we will shorten it! We don't snoop or ask questions, after all, that's your business, not ours. We do ask you do not use our site for scamming or phishing, doing so violates our hosting service's TOS agreement. If you do use this site for those purposes, your links will be deleted and your IP will be blocked from further accessing the site. Also, we ask for all users whom can to support us by disabling programs on our site such as adblock.

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